Restaurant is currently closed however you can still enjoy these meals by enroling to our Vegan or Gluten free Cooking classes as an individual or group!

Main Dishes

  • Pasta meal : $6.00

    Wholegrain pasta mixed with fresh garden vegetables in season and bean/chickpeas and a side salad.

  • Chickpea Curry : $6.00

    Midly spiced chickpea stew served with brown rice, seasoned vegetables and a s side salad.

  • Chickpea 'n mushroom : $9.00

    Midly spiced chickpea and mushroom stew served with vegetable-fried brown rice, seasonal vegetables and a side salad.

  • V-Mix : $10.00

    Chickpea, suger bean and mushroom stew mix served with crispy tasty potato wedges, seasonal vegetables and a side salad.

  • Sweet 'n sour tofu : $7

    Tasty tofu relish mixed with seasonal vegetables served with brown rice and a side salad.

  • Soy Stew : $6.00

    Soya chuncks in a herbal gravy served with tofu fried rice, seasonal vegetables and a side salad.

  • Pasta meal 2 : $15

    Wholegrain pasta with white sauce mixed with asparagus and button mushroom with a touch of fresh garden parsley.

  • Cashew rice burgers : $12.00

    Tasty cashew rice burger patties drizzled with a rich sauce and served with seasonal vegetables.

  • 5 Bean mix : $12.00

    Chef's choice of 5 bean mix stew served with vegetable-fried brown rice and seasonal vegetables.

  • Lentil SOup : $10.00

    Well seasoned mixed lentils served with your choice of potato wedges seasonal vegetables.

  • Seed-balls-bumble : $12.00

    Well seassoned sunflower and pumpkin seed balls served with rich tomato sauce, your choice of tasty potato wedges and seasonal vegetables.

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