• salads can be light & healthy

    V-delights restaurant offers tasty and healthy salad varieties

    V-Carrot Salad: Fresh carrot salad sweetened with raising and a touch of tangy lemon flavour withh olive oil.

  • welcome

    All Round Healthy lifestyle

    You just landed at the very best spot for a NEWSTART to your life. This site will provide you with all the information you require to kickstart a all round healthy lifestyle. Invite your friends to this site so they also benefit and watch the space for our amazing daily health tip. Implement these tips and you will never be the same again!

  • Fruity desSerts design

    Special Desserts at V-Delights Restaurant

    Banana Splits : Split banana served with v-sorbet and strawberry drizzled with pure honey and cinanamon.

Back to Eden

The original plan for mans diet was to eat every tree bearing fruit, every herb was to help cure diseases, no blood, fat was to be consumed but...

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Organic Foods

Untempered, virgin ,original foods where care is taken from their production to their processing to eliminate any artificial interference with nature...

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Healthy Living

A healthy lifestyle encompases all the 8 laws of Health. NEWSTART, an acronym that everyone should know about and live by. Nutrition,Excersise,Water,Sunshine...

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Health Tips

Living and staying healthy can be simple. Have a look at some of the simple but effect health tips which you can apply in your life...starting today!

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  • snack Healthy


    Tasty vegetable stuffed wrap served with avocado dip and tomato salsa dip.

  • V-Healthy Treat

    Fill up on healthy goodness

    A twist of V-Light with button mushroom, fresh garden peas, cashew nuts, Himalayan salt marinated Tofu and avocado slices.

  • Local Healthy Teas

    Our very own Zimbabwean teas leading the way back to health

    Makoni Tea, Zumbani Tea, Mufandichimuka Tea